Keeping you informed: New EPC launch

November 2017 Update

The new Edwin Parr Composite (EPC) School is scheduled to open in early 2018. While some tentative dates have been identified for transitioning students and starting classes, they remain extremely indefinite due to a variety of factors as described below.

Through regular updates, Aspen View Public Schools endeavours to keep its stakeholders, particularly parents and students who will attend the new EPC, informed as the project moves towards completion.

When will the new EPC open?

At present, our best estimate is that students will begin to attend the new EPC in February 2018. However, this estimate is subject to the project successfully reaching a number of important milestones, including:

Project milestones

  • Substantial completion of construction:  At present, construction is on schedule for substantial completion in late December 2017. However, unfavourable weather or other factors may cause delays;

  • Inspection & remediation: Once substantial completion is achieved, Aspen View’s project management team will inspect the building and ensure any deficiencies are addressed. Because Aspen View has been integrally involved throughout the construction as part of the design-build process, deficiencies are expected to be minor, if at all. However, addressing any deficiencies may cause a delay of days or, at most, weeks;

  • Outfitting: Once construction is substantially complete, the process of outfitting the school with furnishings, equipment, supplies and other materials begins. Although no issues are anticipated, delays may occur due to shipping, weather or other factors.

When will current EPC students move into the new school?

As the Project Milestones listed above are reached, the start-up date for the new EPC will be defined more clearly. Our goal is to provide as much notice of a confirmed start-up date as possible, so that staff and students can adequately prepare.

Ideally, students will begin attending the new EPC immediately following an extended break in the school year calendar, such as Semester Break (Feb. 2, 2018) or the Teacher’s Convention/Family Day weekend (Feb. 15-19, 2018). If the project schedule does not facilitate relocation at these times, every effort will be made to facilitate a move following a weekend.

When will Grade 7 students from Landing Trail Intermediate School move into the new EPC?

Our current objective is to have all students start at the new EPC at the same time, including Grade 7 students currently attending Landing Trail Intermediate School (LTIS).

Several different factors are influencing this objective.

On one hand, moving the Grade 7 students mid-year involves significant, yet manageable, logistical concerns, including timetable adjustments, student transportation adjustments, transfer of students records, etc.

On the other hand, the new EPC will be a brand-new facility providing a state-of-the-art learning environment and unique educational opportunities for all students; the sooner that students can become familiar with their new school, the better. In addition, renovations are required to the current Grade 7 wing of LTIS to facilitate the relocation of Aspen View’s Technical and Maintenance Departments, which are currently housed at the old EPC. Earlier transition of the Grade 7 students to the new EPC will help ensure that these renovations can be completed prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year, with minimal disruption to the operation of LTIS.

It is in consideration of these factors that we have determined that transitioning all Grade 7-12 students to the new EPC simultaneously is the best course of action. However, this transition is subject to the same Project Milestones listed above, as well as other factors. We are committed to keeping our stakeholders updated on the status of this transition as it draws nearer.