Forestry Mill Tours & Forestry Trades Camp

A collaboration between Aspen View Public Schools and High Prairie School Division, the Forestry Trades Camp offers hands-on experiences in forestry trades to Grade 10 students from both school divisions and from invited neighbouring school divisions.

There are two components to the program:

1.  Forestry Mill Visits take place in April and May, 2019 . Participating students will tour forestry mills in the region, meet mill journeymen and chat with them about their jobs.

2.  30 students who successfully participate in the Forestry Mill tours will be selected to participate in a four-day Forestry Trades Camp in May 2019 at Camp Wright on Narrow Lake, Athabasca County. Participants will have hands-on ‘try a trade’ opportunities and will take part in other learning experiences including canoeing, cooperative games, RAP presentations, Junior Forest Ranger presentations, and daily interactions with elders.  Students will also have the opportunity to complete their Class 7 Driver's Training.

Application Deadline is April 19!

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